Star Wars Storylines That Disappeared Without Explanation

The Star Wars universe is expanding in every direction — a massive story told by literally thousands of creative minds. The story has played out in movies, tv shows, novels, comics, and any other form that can contain drama. And while this approach to world-building can certainly cover a lot of ground, the process will also necessarily kick up a few loose end here and there — promising stories that are told in part, then abandoned for reasons that are not clear to fans. These stories can blur together, so we’ve taken the time to identify them. These are Star Wars storylines that disappeared without explanation.

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The immaculate conception | 0:00
Rotta the Hutt | 1:21
Secrets of the Senate | 2:24
The Zillo Beast | 3:13
The Crimson Dawn | 4:23
The Pirate Queen | 5:31
The New Republic | 6:44
Snoke’s past | 7:45
The confession | 8:46

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