SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME: Deeper Meaning and Hidden Symbolism EXPLAINED – What;’s the Point?

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When I walked out of Spider-Man No Way Home, I was excited about the future of spider-man, and I was thrilled by watching the 3 spider-men interact with all the classic villains. I thought it was a really fun movie. But at first, I was disappointed that it seem to have a didn’t have a deeper theme like the other Home movies.

For instance, Spider-Man: Homecoming is about people trying to rise above their station. Adrian times trying to rise above a blue collar life. Peter tries to be an avenger. And he hits literal ceilings all through the movie, before triumphing by literally lifting his way out of a ceiling. In the end, he comes to accept that he needs to wait to grow up.

And Spider-Man: Far From Home is about the power of belief. Belief is Mysterio’s primary weapon against Peter parker. But the movie is also about Peter learning to believe in himself.

But in no way home, I was so taken in by the big climactic fight, and the fun of seeing Toby and Andrew and everyone else, that the main theme escaped me.

Until it hit me. Spider-Man: No Way Home has a defining theme. In fact, it’s also the defining theme of every spider-man movie, comic book. This movie is about what spider-man is, at his core. Spider-Man is a failure.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Ella Danyluk, Randolf Nombrado, and Katie Oliviero

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