Movie Content Plus Video Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse: 25 Things You Missed

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse: 25 Things You Missed

A look at the first Spider-Verse movie before Across The Spider-Verse!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is chock full of a lot of things. Profoundly written characters. Comic book inspired visuals. Deep cut villains. Music you can really tap your foot to. Oh, and EASTER EGGS! And… other things you, I dunno, might have missed. With the sequels now official with that sick new teaser, I’d say it’s time we take a journey through dimensions and check out, oh I dunno, let’s say like 25-ish things you might have missed? Eh? Sure, let’s do that!

Those suits in the Spider-Cave are of course all based on actual Spidey suits: ya got the Electro-Proof suit from Amazing Spider-Man #425, the modded out “advanced” suit from the video game, the Iron Spider, the Secret Wars suit, this weird one that could either be a Carnage reference or maybe just Scarlet Spider without his fun hoodie, then there’s possibly Flip Side 2099 (who was an android that copied Spider-Man 2099’s and Venom’s powers) although it’s DEFINITELY just Web-Man, the stealth suit from the “Big Time” story arc, the Mark I Spider-Armor from Peter’s fight with the New Enforceres in Web of Spider-Man #100 — downright iconic cover by the way, the Mark II armor that debuted a little after the stealth suit, the Secret Wars suit, and the caped costume from What If? Number 19.

In Times Square, when Burrito Peter here is transported to Earth 1610, we get a whole bunch of slightly off posters to show that this is a slightly different world to ours. These include “Hold Your Horses”, a Seth Rogen vehicle that appears to feature him as a stoned horse jockey, Kitten Heels instead of Kinky Boots maybe? I don’t really know Broadway musicals that well, but stage Spidey Reeve Carney DID do a production of Kinky Boots so I dunno, maybe — then there’s From Dusk Til Shaun, the unmade sequel to Shaun of the Dead which obviously got made here, and Hi, Hello — a variation on the John Mulaney/Nick Kroll stage show and phenomenal Neflix special “Oh Hello”.


0:00 – Intro
0:32 Earths
1:36 Ultimate Green Goblin
2:00 Goblin Scream
2:17 So Many Suits!
3:21 Community at Uncle Aaron’s
4:08 “Hold Your Horses”
4:58 Planet Inglewood
6:08 Il Giornale
7:34 Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book”
7:51 Clone College Poster
8:51 “My back!”
9:12 Alchemax
9:45 Comic Book Animation
11:17 Otto Octavius
11:24 Leopardon
11:46 42
12:01 Early Look at All the Spideys
12:15 Peter’s Scales
12:25 ALL the Stan Lee Cameos
12:45 Miles’ Phone Contacts
13:12 Sister Maggie and Matt Murdock
13:30 Ganke Lee
13:43 Origins of THAT Post-Credit Scene
14:08 Perry Joe

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