Movie Content Plus Video Sonic Prime: Everything You Missed

Sonic Prime: Everything You Missed

After a long year of waiting, Sonic Prime is finally out on Netflix and fans of the blue blur are thrilled with the final product! Taking place in the same timelines as the games, Sonic Prime takes the time to reference other games and sonic media and make sure that the continuity of the sonic universe is in sync. The series follows Sonic and his closest friends: Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Big and Rouge (and we’ll throw in Shadow for safe measures) taking on the unknowns of the shatterverse! From its engaging story to its amazing 3D animation, there’s a lot to unpack in Sonics latest animated adventure!

Join us as we take the time to explore some of the easter eggs, references and nods you may have missed while speeding through those first eight episodes! After all, the shatterverse is vast and unforgiving so we won’t blame you for missing a few things here and there. If you enjoyed the video be sure to let us know what things you didn’t notice as well as some other references we might have missed as well. The Sonic Prime universe can only get bigger, better and faster from here so let’s take some time to unravel everything that we’ve discovered so far!



0:00 Intro
0:15 The Ultimate Passcode
0:56 The Ultimate Citizen Code
2:01 Jack the Pirate
2:57 Sonic’s Middle Name
3:52 Tails Origins
4:35 Chaos Control
5:16 Flickies
5:42 Sky Rail
6:02 Shard Nearby
6:45 Dr. Dont’s Game
7:29 Game Over
8:14 Knuckles Origins
9:08 Thorn Rose’s New Design
9:57 Blaze the Cat
10:23 Blue Rabbit
11:17 Sonic Generations Dance
11:50 Spike Sound
12:33 I Can Do This All Day
13:10 Sonic Frontiers
13:42 Sonic Prime is Canon to the Games

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