Sonic Prime: Everything We Know So Far

2022 really feels like the year of sonic with all this new content we’re getting, sonic fans are eating this year!! With the hype for sonic the hedgehog 2 finally dying down, The official sonic the hedgehog twitter account recently tweeted out a short teaser for the upcoming netflix animated series: sonic prime. Which I’m glad they did because, we thought they forgot about it there for a second… Since we got to see a bit of the animation style, hear Sonic’s official voice, and some interesting motion with the logo, it’s a good time to go over everything we know about the Netflix series so far! Wow a netflix original animated sonic the hedgehog series! I hope it doesn’t get canceled before it even airs! Too soon for that one? I’m sorry. From the little that we’ve seen so far, the series is looking pretty promising. Join us as we explore everything that has been revealed about Sonic Prime so far!


0:00 Intro
0:41 What is Sonic Prime?
1:38 Voice Actors
2:41 The Multiversal Plot
3:45 Sega’s Intentions
4:07 Concept Art

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