SONIC 2 Ending Explained | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Review

SONIC 2 Ending Explained | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Review. We explain the ending of Sonic 2 and reveal all the easter eggs and things that you might have missed throughout the movie, including a breakdown of the post-credits scene and we give our verdict on the sequel.

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0:00 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Ending Explained
0:32 Following On From The Post Credits Scene
1:02 Knuckles, The Master Emerald & Game Storylines
2:45 Story Breakdown And Easter Eggs
8:18 Ending Explained
9:25 Review And Reaction

Ok so April has a stacked month with Morbius, Fantastic Beasts and Sonic 2.  The sequel to 2020’s Sonic The Hedgehog is an absolutely brilliant movie and though I haven’t seen Fantastics Beasts yet it’s gonna be difficult to match just how fun this is.

Thoughout this video we’re gonna be breaking it all down but because of this there will be heavy spoilers. If you enjoy it then please smash the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for the channel where we get sonic till we vomit.

Terrible pun, one of the worst, but I appreciate you bearing with me. Now let’s get into Sonic 2!

Now Sonic 2 continues on from the first film with Dr Robotnik still stuck on the mushroom plane that first appeared in Sonic and Knuckles. Mushroom Hill Zone hasn’t made him Mushroom Chill though and he’s desperate to get back to Earth.

In a funny sequence which Carrey eats up, he uses his genius to create traps for the people coming to save him and he even has a Wilson reference as he makes an Agent Stone figure out of rock. See I knew he cared for him deep down.

Now it’s not long before Knuckle’s crew turns up and they’re taken out by Robotnik leaving just the red Echidna behind. He’s the last of his kind, the Echidnas, who had the Master Emerald and used it to fight wars before it was stolen by Longclaw’s tribe.

They believed it was too powerful for anyone to bear and there’s actually a lot of lore surrounding it.

In the games, the Master Emerald was located on Angel Island and the Knuckles Crew went on to harness it for themselves, before declining in power to the point their numbers dwindled. They’ve spent their remaining years protecting the Master Emerald from anyone who wished to steal it. We may see the pure Chaos and further backstory of the Master Emerald from the games as we push into Sonic Adventure storylines but that’s for later down the line.

Now the movie adapted the games well as Sonic 3 saw a defeated Robotnik trick Knuckles into the idea that Sonic and Tails were going to steal the emerald but in reality he wanted it for himself to power his Death Egg once more.

The film does a superb job of condensing Sonic 2, 3 and even Sonic & Knuckles a classic that saw the blue streak continue his run of great games before it all kinda went to crap around the time Mario 64 dropped.

It really shows why it’s important to pay attention to the games that paved the way and it’s a complete opposite to Halo, which had the tv show creators dropping in interviews that they completely ignored the games. That show has gone down worse than the Sega VR and Sonic 2 is a great example of how to do it right.

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