Movie Content Plus Video SKINAMARINK Breakdown & Ending Explained | What REALLY Happened

SKINAMARINK Breakdown & Ending Explained | What REALLY Happened

Skinamarink is the latest in unsettling, low budget horror. The synopsis alone sends a shiver down your spine. “Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.”

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

Doug: Oh wow, that sounds like something out of a nightmare.

Exactly. This movie is the embodiment of childhood hallucinatory sleep. Confusion, despair, and inconsistency await you at every turn. Every frame has you examining its entirety. Searching for evil entities hiding in the dark. Every muffled and distorted sound has you listening closely for what’s lurking in the shadows.

So we’re going to break down the meaning behind the missing doors and windows. As well as the floating furniture, missing faces, alternate realities. And the dark entity we meet in the final seconds of the film.

Doug: And how it’s basically Beetlejuice.

Right, Doug has a cool theory about how Skinamarink and Beetlejuice are pretty much the same movie. [clip]

The year is 1995 and our location appears to be your standard middle income suburban home. In this house lives Mom, Dad, and their two young children, Kaylee and Kevin. [clip, Kevin! Home Alone]

No not that Kevin. [clip, Kevin? She-Hulk]

No not that Kevin either. This Kevin is a young boy who sleepwalks and likes to play with legos, because legos are awesome. (mumbles that legos are awesome)

At the beginning of the film we learn that Kevin has fallen down the stairs while sleepwalking and had to get stitches on his head. This reveal opens the door to several possibilities regarding the reality of the film. [clip]

Could the entirety of this movie be nothing but a dream during one of Kevin’s sleep walks. Or could the film be hallucinations stemming from unfound brain damage following his fall.
Doug: Or was he not sleepwalking at all and the evil entity pushed him down the stairs?

Good call buddy, and that’s where we’ll start. What if we as the audience are meant to take this movie at face value. What if this film isn’t to be taken as a metaphor for trauma. But instead we are to believe that a demonic entity has taken over this home. [clip, this house]

One night when the children awake, they witness the exterior doors and windows vanish. Later we see furniture and toys residing on the ceiling like something out of Paranormal Activity. [clip]

We then hear a demonic voice call the children from upstairs and instruct them to do things that they don’t understand. This could be an allusion to abuse. Or, a straight demonic entity toying with the children.

Throughout the film we hear blood curdling screams and crying. And at one point we even see Kaylee’s face removed, leaving her looking like a Nopperabou. (Nop-ear-uh-bow)

Doug: A nop who what now?

A Nopperabou, a faceless ghost.

Doug: The demon took her face?!

Yes, and that lends credence to the theory that the entire film is a nightmare. OR that they’re all ghosts. But first, let’s talk nightmares.

Faceless beings are not uncommon to encounter in one’s dreams. Psychiatrists theorize that faceless people in nightmares can mean you’re experiencing feelings of neglect and confusion.

Throughout the film Kaylee and Kevin do appear to be experiencing both of these. Confusion, as to where their father has gone, and why their mother is crying. And neglect is showcased in the children having to fend for themselves.

We think confusion and neglect could be alluding to divorce and its emotional ramifications for the parents and the children. Young children understandably have a difficult time comprehending a separation between their parents. A mother and father are key pillars in a child’s life. A separation can result in the child’s world being turned upside down.

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