SHE HULK Episode 3 Theories | Thunderbolts? Wrecking Crew, X-men & Wrecking Crew Ending Explained

SHE HULK Episode 3 Ending Explained | Thunderbolts? Wrecking Crew, X-men, Theories And More. We go over our Marvel MCU Theories after the latest episode of She Hulk on Disney Plus. This includes spoilers, discussions of the X-men, Daredevil and a lot more.

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Okay, so She-Hulk episode 3 has finally found its footing with the law procedural format, introduced the Asgardian village people, and uhhh did this. Yeeeaahh, uhhh my body is very confused. But some of the biggest questions still looming over everything are who or what is the antagonist of this series? Is that the end of Blonksy as we know it? And seriously where is Hulk? He was supposed to check in this episode, but we got nothing. Anyway throughout this video, we’re going to be talking about our thoughts and theories on what is happening so far.

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Now a big thing that happens at the end of Episode 3, is Jen’s run in with the Wrecking Crew, each sporting their neon colored rave gear. These characters actually pull straight from the comics, each wielding mystical weapons, however I do believe their origin story will differ a bit. In the comics, they all obtained their powers when they latched onto an enchanted crowbar, just as a bolt of lightning had struck it. The four members of Wrecker, Bulldozer, Thunderball, & Piledriver then obtained mystical powers. However in this series it’s said that they robbed an Asgardian construction worker. So uhh less lightning bolts, and more Home Alone wet bandits. Either way, it doesn’t seem like this will be the last we see of them, according to the trailers.

It appears their mission here was to extract She-Hulk’s blood, and it is teased that they are working for someone else. At this point, there hasn’t been any mentions of any other big baddies, but if we look at whom the Wrecking Crew has ties with in the comics, along with upcoming MCU projects, one person they could be working for is Parker Robbins aka The Hood.

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