Movie Content Plus Video SHE-HULK Ep 7 Breakdown: Every EASTER EGG + ENDING EXPLAINED


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Episode 7 of She-Hulk has Jen revisiting Emil Blonsky, AKA The Abomination. We get a look at new, more obscure Marvel characters like Porcupine, Saracen, Man-Bull, and El Águila. Meanwhile, HulkKing is getting further in his plan. We breakdown all the MCU Easter Eggs and references in She-Hulk episode 7.

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Written and Hosted by Colton Ogburn
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Ethan Lavinsky, and Srinidhi Rao

#SheHulk #Marvel #Blade

Alright, well, welcome to SreenCrush, I’m Colton Ogburn, in for Ryan Arey.

We open with a montage of Jen getting ready for a date with Josh. We met Josh in last week’s episode when Jen attended an old friend’s wedding.

Now we theorized in our easter egg video that Josh was a bad guy and may even be the Marvel villain Josh Glenn, AKA, the Hate Monger. A character who fell down the rabbit hole of hateful conspiracy theories. Similar to a site like Intelligencia.

Well we can now confirm that unfortunately Josh is a bad dude, more on that in a bit.

When Jen is getting ready for her date we can see her shut the door to her bedroom before getting dressed. This is likely a subtle 4th wall break because she can see that we the audience are present.

We then get a montage of Jen and Todd dating and then eventually spending the night together. When Jen wakes up the next morning, Josh is gone and she texts him to tell him she had a great time. To which he never responds and the waiting game begins.

Here we can see Jen wearing her new purple suit she got from Luke Jacobs in episode 5.

In her office we hear Nikki ask Jen if she’s looking at Intelligencia.

This means that Jen did indeed get Nikki’s voicemail from last week’s episode.
We then hear Jen say.

Hulk smash of course ebing a reference to the iconic Hulk line. We can see Jen doing yoga, a reference to episode one.

Jen is now really stressing over the fact that Josh hasn’t responded. On her TV, we see she is watching The Great Muppet Caper. Specifically this scene that is perfect representing how Jen is feeling in this moment.

We then learn that Emil Blonksy’s inhibitor has been tripped.

Remember a condition for Emil Blonksy’s release was that he wear an inhibitor preventing him from turning into the Abomination ever again.
But we know from this midseason trailer for She-Hulk that we will be seeing Blonsky turn into the Abomination again.

Blonsky claims that the inhibitor may have sent a false signal. It’s clear to me that Blonsky is lying. Now whether he’s lying because he just enjoys turning into the Abomination and doesn’t want to give that up. Or if he’s lying because he’s up to something nefarious is yet to be seen. But I really hope he doesn’t turn out to still be a bad guy because I’m really loving his character.

Next up we meet Marvel’s Man Bull and El Aguila.

Man Bull first appeared in Daredevil #78 back in 1971. Man Bull, AKA, William Taurens was given a serum based on bull enzymes. This gave him super strength, durability, and unfortunately made him look like this.

Alejandro Montoya, AKA, El Aguila first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #58 in 1979. And he’s actually a mutant.

Later in the episode we get to see his powers at work when he uses his sword to channel his bioelectric energy from his body.

In Blonsky’s group session we meet even more Marvel comics characters.

Porcupine, aka Alexander Gentry, was co-created by the man himself Stan Lee and first appeared in Tales to Astonish #48 way back in 1963.

Porcupine has served as an antagonist to Hank Pym has in quotes as saying “If Giant-Man is watching, he must finally realize that he’d never have a chance against the unbeatable Porcupine!”

Then we have Saracen.

Saracen first appeared in Blade: Vampire Hunter #1 in October of 1999. Now in the comics Saracen is a real vampire but it appears in the MCU, at least according to Blonsky, that Saracen is not a vampire. But we know that vampires are coming with Blade set to release in November of 2023.

This actually wasn’t the first vampire reference we’ve gotten in She-Hulk. Many fans have pointed out that in last week’s episode when Mr. Immortal referred to Baroness Cromwell.

Baroness Blood, AKA, Lily Cromwell is likely who this was a reference to. She’s a vampire who first appeared in Union Jack #1 in October 1998.

We can see in the room that a group session is taking place in logos for Blonsky’s new organization called Abomaste. Likely a play on the word namaste but incorporating The Abomination into the name.

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