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She- Hulk episode 6 is here… and it’s wedding season! Jen wants to show everyone that she’s doing good for herself and amazing when she’s just Jen. Mallory and Nikki are assigned to a divorce case for Mr. Immortal, and we see a clue for who could be trying to get She- Hulk’s blood.

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Written and Hosted by Colton Ogburn (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Colton Ogburn, and Ethan Lavinsky

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Alright well, Welcome to ScreenCrush, I’m Colton Ogburn filling in for Ryan Arey.

These are all the easter eggs, references, and little things you might have missed in She-Hulk Episode 6, Just Jen.

We open with Jen getting invited to be a bridesmaids at an old friend’s wedding. And when this box explodes with confetti startling Jen we are reminded of the fact that Jen has full control of her Hulk.

When packing for the wedding we hear Nikki mention that Jen doesn’t need to bring a Luke Jacobson business suit to the wedding. Luke Jacobson being this character from the previous episode.

Jacobson is based on Luke Jacobson from the comics who is also a fashion mogul.

Nikki then says that she wants to see the supersuit Luke made her. Confirming that the extra piece he handed Jen to try on last episode was indeed her super suit we’ve seen from the trailers.

Jen at this point is still convinced that she will never be in a situation where she needs to don a superhero costume.

Jen breaks the 4th wall to let us know that yes this is a self contained wedding episode. And that while it may seem inconvenient for this point in the season, we’re right, because weddings are always inconvenient.

So Jen is very aware of the fact that we were all hoping for a Daredevil episode following that stinger at the end of last week’s episode.

The opening title has been changed for this episode from She-Hulk Attorney at Law to “Just Jen” Attorney At Law. Just like we’ve seen it change before to She-Hulk Attorney for Hire in episode 2 and She-Hulk by Titania in episode 5.

We hear Lulu mention the names Jackson, Sam, Greg, and Mark as her fiance, Adam’s, and groomsmen. These could be fun references to other Marvel characters who share the same names. Such as Jackson Norris, AKA, Nighthawk who first appeared in Incredible Hulk #126 in 1970.

“Sam” could be a reference to Samuel Sterns, AKA, The Leader. The Leader was teased in 2008’s Incredible Hulk and he is now returning over 10 years later in Captain America 4: New World Order. Alongside another Sam in Sam Wilson’s Captain America, formerly the Falcon.

With the plot thickening this episode regarding the quest for Jen’s blood and the final scene in the laboratory. We think it’s likely that The Leader may show up in this series prior to Captain America 4.

“Mark” could be a reference to Mark Ruffalo who of course plays Jen’s cousin Bruce Banner, AKA, the Hulk.

Back at the offices of GLK&H we see Mallory and Nikki working with Craig Hollis, AKA, Mr. Immortal.

Mr. Immortal is an actual character from the comics whose superpower is immortality. In the comics he discovered he had this power by attempting to kill himself multiple times.

He first appeared in West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #46 in 1989. He later went on to become the founding member of the “Great Lakes Avengers.” The team later found themselves in legal trouble for using the name “Avengers” and were sent a cease and desist meaning they could no longer use the name.

Back at the wedding we get what at first sounds like a sweet scene between Jen and Lulu where Lulu asks Jen what she’s been up to. Jen gives a very happy update of her life about her new job heading up her own divisions as a very prestigious law firm as well as her new found superpowers.

Apparently all Lulu cared about was whether or not Jen had a man in her life. Instead of caring about all of the incredible things Jen is doing on her own as a successful independent woman.

This stays true to the theme of the show showcasing the struggles women go through on a daily basis. The nonsense women have to put up with from obnoxious men and even other women. People who are obsessed with material things and outdated social norms. People who refuse to open their eyes to all the great possibilities life has to offer.

And then we get a flashback to 2009 when we hear Lulu get asked by her friends if she’s team Edward or Jacob. A reference to the Twilight films, specifically New Moon. Fans divided themselves into team Edward or team Jacob dependent upon who they wanted Bella to end up with.

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