Movie Content Plus Video SHE-HULK Ep 5 Breakdown: Every EASTER EGG + [SPOILER] HELMET EXPLAINED


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She-Hulk episode 5 finally reveals the long awaited Titania, and she’s suing Jen for using the trademarked She-Hulk name. Jen is represented by Mallory Book, who encourages her to know her worth. This episode shows She-Hulk getting a new business look and a special Daredevil tease!

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Written by Colton Ogburn (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, and Ethan Lavinsky

#SheHulk #Eastereggs #Daredevil

Welcome to ScreenCrush, I’m Ryan Arey. And these are all the easter eggs, references, and little things you might have missed in She-Hulk Attorney At Law, Episode 5.

So before we get into the Easter Eggs, I want to talk about the meaning of this episode. Cause on the surface, this is just a one-off about a copyright lawsuit. But the episode actually has a lot to say about Jennifer Walters, the fashion industry and how women are being marketed to by corporations.

The episode starts with Titania’s ad, promising that “Strength is beautiful.” Now Titania is marketing her own physical strength, as a superhuman influencer. And this “strength is beautiful” line is also how the men she dates respond to her.

Her date even says that Jennifer is not his type. And this push-pull between Jennifer and She-Hulk’s identities is the heart of the character, and this series.

But She-Hulk is just the embodiment of physical strength. Jennifer is the real strength, the inner strength. Jennifer is the one who went to law school, and has to struggle to make her life better. Whereas people love She-Hulk because of what she is, and you love Jennifer for who she is.

So, Titania is telling women they should be more like She-Hulk. You know, perfect hair, barbie doll body, all of that. But of course, a woman could never be She-Hulk, she’s got her cousin’s gamma blood. Just like no woman could ever look like the airbrushed model photos we see on fashion magazines.

It’s funny that The Good Place actress, Jameela Jamil, is playing Titania because in real life she has criticized both the fashion and cosmetic industries for their creation of unrealistic expectations for how a woman should look.

The fashion industry is built on creating need. You need to buy this product, because you are not good enough. Jennifer even points out how crappy these products are.

Titania is known as a famous influencer and is using that fame to push these products. This is a reflection of what is really happening in our society. There are influencers right now pushing She-Hulk themed makeup on TikTok. Why watch those when you could be checking out ScreenCrush’s TikTok?

By the way, I’m not saying that all beauty products are bad, or that wearing makeup is bad. Makeup is great, and people should wear whatever they want that makes them feel attractive and comfortable.

But, there are a lot of beauty products that just outright lie to the customers, and the big challenge for a lot of women is to find the best products that aren’t BS. Like moisturizer. Always use moisturizer, men and women. Trust me.

So, beauty companies try to make people feel like they’re not good enough–like you have to change your skin. Just like Jennifer literally changes her skin when she becomes She-Hulk. In fact, this whole series is about Jen learning to be comfortable in her own skin. Both the green skin of she-hulk, and her regular skin as Jen.

Titania is the perfect counterpoint to Jen, because she is obsessed with her outward facing image, and forgets who she is on the inside. She only wants superficial things, even from her relationships.

Whereas Jen’s willingness to embarrass herself–to show how awkward she actually is–shows true strength and confidence. She actually has to listen to testimony that says she is unattractive. And Mallory recognizes Jen’s inner strength.

Every superhero has a push/pull between their two identities. Peter Parker has to constantly make personal sacrifices to keep people safe; Tony Stark was addicted to being Iron Man at the cost of his relationships; and Steve Rogers chose duty over happiness for most of his career.

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