Shark Bait – Official ‘Somebody Help’ Clip (2022) Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Hannay

A scary situation unfolds in this clip from Shark Bait, an upcoming thriller movie starring Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Hannay, Malachi Pullar-Latchman, Thomas Flynn, and Manuel Cauchi.

In Shark Bait, a group of spring breakers are enjoying the trip of a lifetime on the sandy beaches of Mexico. As the sun rises after a night of partying, they steal a couple of jet skis and race out to sea. But bravado and bad decisions lead to a terrifying accident. Stranded miles from shore, the true horror begins when the group realizes they’ve drifted into shark-infested waters. With no way back and one friend badly bleeding, the group must quickly figure out how to survive the predator lurking in the waters below.

Shark Bait, directed by James Nunn and written by Nick Saltrese, opens in theaters and will be available on digital and On Demand on May 13, 2022.

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