Movie Content Plus Video Shang-Chi: Deleted Scenes That Could Have Changed Everything

Shang-Chi: Deleted Scenes That Could Have Changed Everything


The movie about the master martial artist not named Iron Fist can finally be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home now without all the grainy footage,no judgement by the way and with that comes all the extra goodies that we usually had to wait for until the blu-ray gets released. We’re looking at all 11 deleted scenes and we’re talking about how these could have changed the movie or not we’ll see. ALSO there’s going to be major spoilers because of course there are, the movie just got put on Disney plus like a week ago.

Deleted scenes are always fun to look at it because they show all the different ways the filmmakers wanted to go in. Some are cool, most aren’t but hey I’m a sucker for stuff on the cutting room floor. Just like something something death dealer should’ve survived. Which one of these scenes from the cutting room floor was your favorite? Do you think any of them should’ve been included in the theatrical release or are you cool with these being separate? I mean we didn’t get anything on Death Dealer which I personally take as disrespectful but hey what can you do? Don’t forget to like and comment though, oh and make sure to hit the notification bell so that you never miss another video. Especially if you want me to rant about Death Dealer or Doctor Doom. I’m going to do both either way but you know, I want you to check them out too.

0:00 – Intro
0:16 – "Pep Talk"
1:07 – "Take a Shot"
1:44 – "They’re Waiting”
2:28 – "Apology"
3:13 – "Just Friends"
3:59 – "I’m Here"
4:35 – "Greatness"
5:33 – "Escape Tunnel"
6:20 – "Two Sons"
6:59 – "Postcard
7:38 – "Do It Yourself”

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