Movie Content Plus Video Secrets Marvel Is Hiding About The Guardians of the Galaxy

Secrets Marvel Is Hiding About The Guardians of the Galaxy

Through two movies, a third one on the way, some team ups and a delightful holiday special, we’ve come to learn a great many things about the Galaxy’s greatest super team, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Forget sisters and heartwarming Christmas memories, wait til you get a load of these secrets! We’ve barely scratched the surface as to just who the Guardians are. Let’s take a look at some secrets about the Guardians right now!

Obviously Groot is extremely powerful. Even with people like Drax and Gamora on the team he is still thought of as the muscle oh, and that’s whether he’s fully grown or a child. However, Groot may be hiding some powers we have not yet seen that could turn him into a being capable of taking on some of the strongest villains we’ve seen. The makeup of the guardians we know and love has not always been the same. People come and go. Just take a look at the MCU for example. They’ve lost Gamora, added the likes of Mantis and Nebula, and even passed Yondu’s arrow to Kraglin. In the comics, the team will often add and lose members from time to time, and some of those member additions are definitely worth adding here. Everyone’s got their secrets, and just because their past includes monsters and terrible name suggestions, that doesn’t mean they aren’t one of the greatest teams there is. What secret most surprised you about the Guardians of the Galaxy? Be sure to like, subscribe and comment your answer, or else Drax and Mantis are getting you for Christmas.



0:00 Intro
0:17 Drax’s Human Origin
0:58 Elemental Gun
1:47 Absorbing Plants
2:28 Kitty Pryde
3:11 Rocket’s Birthplace
3:54 The Original Guardians
4:33 Drax’s Purpose
5:23 Thanos Loved Gamora
6:09 Star Lord’s Criminal Record
6:52 Ultron
7:32 Mantis’ Powers
8:11 Peter Brainwashed Them
8:45 Groot is a Genius
9:17 Doctor Doom
9:50 Star Lord’s Dad
10:33 Gamora’s Universe
11:08 Groot was a Monster
11:43 Iron Man
12:15 Their Name
12:46 Kang the Conqueror

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