SECRET INVASION Review – The Real Reason Why the Marvel Show FAILED

SECRET INVASION Review - The Real Reason Why the Marvel Show FAILED

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Marvel’s Secret Invasion had so much promise. It adapted a beloved comic book, had a stellar cast, a great team–so what the hell happened to this show? in this video, we break down all of the real-world reasons that caused the show to fall apart, and explain where the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes from here.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Lee Mazzio, and Andrew Finkenstaedt

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Secret Invasion was…not great. All throughout the show, I was rooting for it. I thought it started off strong and then went downhill so fast–even getting a 13% rotten tomatoes rating–by far the worst for Marvel. So I’m going to explain exactly what went wrong with this show–the behind-the-scenes problems that plagued it, the state of marvel going forward–and why this show was the greatest disappointment ever in the MCU.

Doug: Biggest disappointment ever? Geez that seems like an exaggeration.

Well Doug, let me take you back to 2003, to the movie X2: X-Men united. Superhero movies were mostly missed until this point–the year before we had raimi spider-man, and this movie finally got the X-Men 100% right. Jean Gray had just died sacrificing herself for the X-men, and just before the credits, we got this tease [clip].

That was teasing the dark phoenix saga–one of the greatest all time comics stories ever that comic fans never thought we’d get to see on the big screen. And when X-men 3 came out 3 years later, what we got was a low-budget, half assed interpretation of this epic story. That’s how secret invasion made me feel.

Doug: But it’s not fair to compare the show to the comic book.

You’re right–so I’m going to avoid comparing this show to the events of the comic. The comic was this sprawling crossover event filled with superheroes–but the show adapts a small part of the comic, where Nick Fury goes off on hisnown to root out skrulls. So I will compare this show to those comics, where it’s appropriate.,

The secret invasion director Ali Selim, even said to Variety: “Marvel has a very devoted — even rabid — fan base who have expectations and when their expectations aren’t fulfilled, they move in the other direction’ they give it a thumbs down…is it our job to fulfill their expectations?"

Look man, if you made a bad show, don’t blame fans for saying it’s a bad show., But, as I’ll prove throughout this video, the show is not bad because of this director. There was a confluence of events that hampered Secret INvasion, which made it almost impossible to tell a compelling story. But before we can explain what went wrong behind the scenes, we have to talk about what was actually wrong with the show.

And there was a lot wrong with this show–ain’t is a failure. Now I don’t use that word often–I love MCU stories, and this one has to rank near the bottom of anyone’s l’ist–but the worst MCU show is still better than most TV shows. And the secret invasion was miles ahead of the Inhumans or Helstrom.

But this show might have been doomed to fail, because the premise of the show was flawed from the start. The MCU was not in the right place to tell the story of a secret invasion.

So Back to secret INvasion–I think the context behind the show was flawed from the start. This is one of those times when I have to compare this story to the comics, and to show why maybe this adaptation wasn’t right for the MCU/. in the comics, the skrulls have been villains since Fantastic Four number 2. Some skrulls are good guys, but comic readers generally accept that the skrulls are villains.

So, when a Secret INvasion crossover was announced, we understood what it meant–the skrulls were about to hatch the villainous plan they’d been building up toward since 1961. But in the MCU, the movie captain marvel went for this reversal to make the skrulls good guys. [straw drink]. Now for the movie and for Carol’s character development, this was a great choice. It showed Carol that she had been fed lies about the war, made her question her identity, and humanized refugees.

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