SECRET INVASION Plot Holes EXPLAINED – Fury’s Real Plan and Carol’s Powers Explained!

SECRET INVASION Plot Holes EXPLAINED - Fury's Real Plan and Carol's Powers Explained!

Secret Invasion Plot Holes EXPLAINED! Please support our channel by shopping our MERCH STORE Here →

Secret Invasion was a hit and mostly miss series that left marvel fans with a lot of unanswered questions. How did Gi’iah get Carol’s Powers? What was Fury’s real plan? Why did any of this happen? Well, we’ve got answers for you that ill change how you think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado. Brianna McLarty, and Lee Mazzio
Sofien Dami
Reserach by Andrew Finkenstaedt and Srinidhi Rao (

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I’m going to explain the plot holes in the MCU’s secret invasion. Sure the show didn’t turn out as well as we thought–as we’ve covered extensively here on the channel.NBut the worst MCU show is still better than most shows–and this series is still connected to the greater MCU.

So we took your questions on our community page and my twitter, and I am going to explain the unexplainable and answer all the plot holes in the MCU’s secret Invasion. We got questions about Rhodey, Hydra, Gravik–and how the hell Giah was able to get Carol’s powers. And we’re going to answer all of your questions right now.

Doug: Good luck.

We got this. We got a lot of questions about skrull anatomy, such as: “In Captain Marvel, Carol says Skrulls can replicate an organism down to their DNA, which is why taking a blood sample isn’t an effective way to determine if someone is a skrull. However, this clearly doesn’t hold up in Secret Invasion, since as soon as the biological material leaves the main body of the skrull (like splattered blood or a severed finger) it immediate ly reverts to skrull form, so a blood test absolutely would have worked since the blood would revert to skrull blood as soon as it left the skrull.”

G;ad you asked, and we got this one a lot. Remember, we also saw in Captain marvel that when skrulls die, their bodies revert to their skrull form. And this stays consistent in secret invasion. When Talos is shoot, he involuntarily reverts back to his original form as he’s dying. And the fingers that Falsworth severed were dead tissue. But notice that it is still covered with the original red blood form when she was shivering it. But there’s purple blood at the base.

This is because the red blood was spilled with the finger attached–when it was alive–and the purple blood came out of the finger after it was severed–or dead. And when Sonya shoots this man [clip]. The blood splatter is purple, because the skrull was killed instantly. Hence, purple blood.

Marl 27 asks, “When the real Rhodey and others are rescued, why do they seem unaffected walking in the irradiated area?”

And we see the humans beginning to leave the area, but before there would have been time for the radiation to take effect.

Doug: That’s a good explanation, thank you very much.

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Doug: And they don;t pay me anything.

Shut up doug. Awes Tex asks, “When Fury nearly blew Gravik’s head off, he just stood there like it didn’t affect him while his entire skull healed back. But in the finale it seemed like it really hurt everyone to get punched or hit with metal beams.”

Well first of all, maybe the gunshot did hurt Gravity but he was just thinking, “don;t show it, this will look so badass if you just don’t show it.” But as for the finale fight, it’s two super skrulls hitting each other with this stuff. Gia gets the crap kicked out of her at first, and really feels every hit–because she’s being hit with the strength of a Hulk. I would rather get shot than take a shot from the Hulk. Also in the fight, Gravik shrugs off a stab wound to the chest pretty easily.

It;s actually pretty clever how Giah stabs him in the middle of the chest, because that’s one area of his body that didn;t transform into impervious skin.

Tatted Up Luv asos, “The skrull home-base was located in an extremely irradiated environment and they had human prisoners there with no protection. Some of them for very extended periods of time. The long term prisoners should look like melting flesh monsters with glow in the dark nite-lite bones.”
here Emilia Clarke grows an ice arm, and she looks at it, vaguely surprised.

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