Movie Content Plus Video Seconds: Scott Pilgrim Successor Becoming a Movie with Blake Lively Directing

Seconds: Scott Pilgrim Successor Becoming a Movie with Blake Lively Directing

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series is one of the most well-known graphic novel franchises from the 2000s. Its status as a fan favorite inspired Universal to pick up the film rights and make a movie adaptation directed by Edgar Wright in 2010. While the movie initially flopped at the box office, it found a much more dedicated audience on video and streaming. This movie is the very definition of a cult classic. And with that status, it’s surprising that studios haven’t been delving into O’Malley’s other works for a story to adapt. That is until recently when it was announced that Blake Lively will be directing the adaptation of O’Malley’s follow-up to Scott Pilgrim, Seconds and Wright would be returning to pen the script and co-produce the film. The book often gets overshadowed by Bryan Lee O’Malley’s more popular works, coming out between the critically acclaimed Scott Pilgrim and before his popular ongoing series Snotgirl, making this book the middle child of his bibliography. It makes sense that this is the first book of his to be made into a movie after Scott Pilgrim because this story is also a semi-sequel and a spiritual successor to Scott’s story.

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