Movie Content Plus Video Scream 6: Jenna Ortega Addresses Neve Campbell Absence

Scream 6: Jenna Ortega Addresses Neve Campbell Absence

2022 has been an incredible time for the horror genre. The killer year was kicked off with the explosively meta return of the Scream franchise. Due to the reboot’s glowing reviews and major box office success, Scream 6 was quickly greenlit. The slasher sequel is coming out next March, but one of the sour points of the highly anticipated next installment has been the news that the franchise star Neve Campbell aka final girl Sidney Prescott would not be returning. Now Scream 2022 break-out star Jenna Ortega has commented on Campbell’s absence.

Speaking exclusively with Entertainment Tonight while promoting the actress’ upcoming Tim Burton-directed Wednesday series, Ortega was asked about how Scream 6 would address Sidney’s absence.

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