Scream 5 Interview: Scream Movies Ranked By Melissa Barrera

Melissa Barrera is taking over. She made a huge impression in the Starz series, Vida, but her star soared especially high in 2021 with the release of Jon M. Chu’s electric adaptation of In the Heights. Now the trend continues via a headlining role in the new Scream movie.

Barrera joins the iconic slasher franchise as Samantha Carpenter, a former Woodsboro resident who returns home when she finds out her sister’s been attacked by Ghostface. Along the way, Sam crosses paths with the Scream series big three, Neve Campbell’s Sidney, Courteney Cox’s Gale and David Arquette’s Dewey.

While it may seem as though Barrera’s a fairly new rising star in Hollywood, she’s been mighty busy in this industry for quite some time now and a Collider Ladies Night interview gave us the opportunity to revisit some of those other experiences that paved the way to Scream 2022.

Check out what Barrera had to say about her earliest dream of becoming a pop star, the invaluable lessons she learned from telenovelas, how she’d rank the first four Scream movies and more in this edition of Collider Ladies Night!

Listen to the full interview uncut here:

00:00 Dicey Questions
03:23 Dreaming of Being a Pop Star
04:46 Studying at School
05:42 Deciding to Leave School for a Show
07:12 Telenovelas
09:50 In the Heights
11:20 Lessons learned from SCREAM
13:36 Scream Movies Ranked

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