Scream 5 Interview: Melissa Barrera Booked Her Role Without an Audition

Scream is a big deal for Melissa Barrera in a number of ways. Barrera’s been working steadily for quite some time now, breaking into Hollywood in a big way with Vida and In the Heights. But there’s no denying that sequel anticipation is especially high with a new Scream movie. One’s got to imagine that scoring a part in that ensemble was a dream gig for many. So not only was it a huge win for Barrera to score to the role of Samantha Carpenter, but the opportunity also came with an especially exciting career first; Scream 2022 marks the very first time Barrera was ever offered a role without auditioning first.

With Scream hitting theaters on Friday, January 14th, I got the chance to have an extended chat with Barrera for an episode of Collider Ladies Night. We’ll have the full conversation covering Barrera’s journey from her early singing ambitions to her latest experiences in Hollywood for you soon, but right now we wanted to share her recap of how she booked her Scream role. 

Check out what she told us in this clip from Collider Ladies Night!

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