Movie Content Plus Video Scarlet Witch vs MAGNETO? Multiverse of Madness Rejected Concept Explained!

Scarlet Witch vs MAGNETO? Multiverse of Madness Rejected Concept Explained!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was originally going to face off the Scarlet Witch against more Marvel crossovers… including her father Magneto, Michael Fassbender?

Recently revealed set footage from Multiverse of Madness shows Wanda Maximoff having killed Balder the Brave (reportedly played by Daniel Craig), aligning with previous reporting that Michael Fassbender Magneto was part of this shoot! Erik Voss explains what a Scarlet Witch vs Magneto showdown would look like, and how it’s further evidence that the 838 Universe is the same as the Fox X-Men universe!

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Comically Inclined Studios
Karen Wang
Rick Denmon

Written by: Erik Voss
Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Post Production Supervisor: Riley Auskelis
Staff Editors: Drew Coombs, Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Nick Bell
Camera Operator: Dashiell Hamingson

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