SANDMAN Explained | Ending Theories, Full Season Breakdown, Comic Easter Eggs & Season 2 Predictions

SANDMAN Explained | Ending Theories, Full Season Breakdown, Comic Easter Eggs & Season 2 Predictions. We recap, review and explain The Sandman on Netflix. We talk about what happens with Lucifer, Desire, Nada, The Dream Vortex and a lot more.

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0:00 Sandman Ending Explained
0:50 Comic Property And DC Easter Eggs
2:34 The Endless And Desire’s Plan
5:01 The Corinthian
6:10 The Burgesses, Ethal Cripps and John Dee
7:35 The Three And Shakespeare
8:02 Nada And Getting Back The Tools
9:10 Episode 6
9:54 Jed And Rose Walker
13:17 Lucifer
14:26 Review Part

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka the Man of the your dreams…fff…—

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka the guy who’s videos send you to sleep and this episode we’re gonna be breaking down Sandman on Netflix.

This is an absolutely outstanding adaptation of one of the greatest comic books ever written and it proves that sticking to the source material actually works.

Whereas showrunners have recently used shows like Halo and Resident Evil to tell their own stories by stealth, Sandman embraces it’s beloved franchise and shows that Neil Gaiman knows best.

A film has been in the works since 1991 and has gone through the ringer with everyone from James Mangold, Eric Kripke and even Joseph Gordon Levitt attached in some way.

The development hell is over though and the plot and ending have a lot to unpack from it. This series adapts the first two arcs, Preludes & Nocturnes as well as The Doll’s House and going off what happens after that we can pretty much predict exactly the way that the show is gonna go. I wanna break it all down but up top I thought I’d talk about comic property and some of the easter eggs. If you wanna skip ahead to see us tackling certain sections in the video then timecodes will be linked below but I also hope that you hit the thumbs up button if you enjoy the video.


Now incase you didn’t know, The Sandman is part of the supernatural wing of DC along with Hellblazer and The Sandman spin off Lucifer. The original work is filled with nods to Batman, Green Arrow, Etrigan, Mister Miracle, The Justice League and it’s awash with DC characters that are sadly removed from this entry.

This is obviosuly due to casting and rights issues and who knows, Discovery could’ve cancelled the whole series for a laugh if it had been on HBO Max. Lucifer and Constantine…sorry Constantine appear in the show too with their genders swapped so they dont clash too much with the other live action versions out there. Lucifer was originally based on David Bowie but Gwendoline Christie brings her own style too and judging by the ending we’ll no doubt be seeing her again very soon.

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