Roman’s Entire Fast & Furious Backstory Explained

The Fast and Furious series has plenty of ZOOMZOOM and SKKKKRT, but it also features memorable human stories that give the movie franchise its heart. One of the most fascinating and dynamic character arcs comes to us in the character Roman. Tyrese Gibson’s Roman is much more than a "talker" — a crew member who solves saves capers from disaster with his gift of gab — he actually has one of the richest backstories of any Furious character. Even if you’re a longtime fan, these flicks feature such frenetic plot development that you might just need a refresher. Fear not, fam. Here’s Roman’s entire Fast & Furious backstory explained.

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A troubled kid | 0:00
An old friend | 1:23
Back in the game | 2:42
A turning point | 3:49
Fastest talker | 4:48
Tank-busting | 5:50
Abu Dhabi’s finest | 6:54
Family dysfunction | 8:18
Next stop, space? | 9:50

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