ROBOCOP (1987) Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Symbolism, Hidden Details & Things You Missed

ROBOCOP (1987) Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Directors Cut Differences, Hidden Details & Things You Missed. In this video, we break down Robocop. This is a deep dive into the first installment of the series to break down all the Easter Eggs, Hidden Details and Things you Missed throughout the Movie. Released in the year 1987 and Directed by Paul Verhoeven, we go through all of the things that went into making this amazing movie.

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So I think that Robocop’s one of the greatest movies of all time. Everything about this film works well and it balances brilliant satirical comedy alongside its tragic story of a man made into a machine. Throughout this video we’re gonna be going through the entire film scene by scene to talk about all the cool little details in it and also some of the things that you might have missed whilst watching it.

There’s so much to love about the movie but originally this wasn’t an easy sell. That was primarily due to the films name which was seen as being extremely stupid. American directors were turning it down left and right and thus the script was sent further afield to Paul Verhoven.

Initially he hated it too and the story goes that he read a couple of pages of the scripts, thought it was ridiculous and then threw it away.

However his wife picked it up and read through the entire thing and she managed to convince him that there was a great comedic undertone to the entire thing that she thought he’d be perfect for.

And so it begain with Verhoven jumping onboard the project to make it what’s arguably his masterpiece.

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