Movie Content Plus Entertainment RINGS OF POWER Episode 7 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Review And Lord Of The Rings Easter Eggs

RINGS OF POWER Episode 7 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Review And Lord Of The Rings Easter Eggs

RINGS OF POWER Episode 7 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Review And Lord Of The Rings Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the new episodes of The Rings Of Power on Amazon Prime Video. This discusses Melkor / Morgoth, Adar, Sauron, The creation of Mount Doom, our Halbrand Theories, Galadriel, Elrond, Durin, The Stranger, Elendil, Isildur, Numenor and a lot more.

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Ok so the penultimate episode of Rings Of Power Season 1 has just released and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking it down, pointing out all of the lord of the rings easter eggs and giving our review on the episode as a whole. Episode 7 ends with the awakening of a Balrog as well as a 1990s text reveal that confirms The Southlands are now Mordor.

The Balrog has the exact same design as it does in the Peter Jackson movies and though there were many designs of them in the source material and lore they’ve leaned into that.

Now it’s said in the original trilogy that the dwarves unearthed the Balrog because they dug too deeply and hastily into the mines when trying to unearth more Mithril. However Balrogs at beasts that have been around for a long time and they ended up joining Melkor in the unrecorded times.

They originally lived in Utumno but they ended up fleeing after the Wars for Sake Of The Elves and from here they travelled to Angband where they hibernated until the Years Of The Tree.

After Ungoliant destroyed them the spider turned on Morgoth and he screamed to the point that it woke the Balrogs up. They go through this constant state of either being awake or hibernating however there is no mention of them during the second age which is where the show predominantly takes place. The show changes the timeline a lot and whereas the Balrog awakens here it wasn’t until the third age where the one in Khazadum rose up. We’ve talked about this on other breakdowns and how it wasn’t until Durin the Fourth was King that the first one attacked. This Balrog ended up killing him however I think for the show that it will kill his father and then he will take up the mantle. This will still allow it to have the nickname Durins Bane even though the characters and events have been swapped around.

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