RINGS OF POWER Episode 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Review And Lord Of The Rings Easter Eggs

RINGS OF POWER Episode 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Review And Lord Of The Rings Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the new episodes of The Rings Of Power on Amazon Prime Video. This discusses Melkor / Morgoth, Adar, Sauron, Galadriel, Elrond, Durin, The Stranger, Elendil, Isildur, Numenor and a lot more.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul aka the guy who’s got a Fin Rod like Galadriels brother and this video we’re breaking down episode 4 of the Rings Of Power. The series is now at it’s half way point and though it still feels like it’s in set up mode we are getting something moving in terms of where we could be heading.

Throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking it all down and going through the connections to the books as well as the nods to the other movies. There will be some future book spoilers here in regards to both Elendil and Isildur as they feature in the films but other characters like Pharazon I’ll keep quiet on. However if that could ruin the show for you then turn off now and with that out the way, let’s get into the video.

Now we start off in what seems to be Numenor though we later learn it’s a vision given to her by the palantir.

It prophecises the fall of Numenor and the destruction of the entire kingdom.

This is ushered in by the petals falling from the white tree which is known as Nimloth.

This happens in the dream before a giant tidal wave roles in and gets rid of the city and all those bad reviews. Though it’s initially just a nightmare, come the end of the entry we watch as this happens and it is somewhat the second stage of the doom that’s due to befall the kingdom. The first stage of this was Galadriels arrival and it’s all sort falling into place with us watching the events line up so that everything can come crashing down.

The dream begins with Miriel greeting babies who are very much metaphors for the future of the kingdom. These are of course killed by the tidal wave as well symbolically showing how the future of Numenor is doomed.

Killing kids in the first couple of minutes….dark….but also I respect it. Now one think that I didn’t mention in my last video is that numenorians have much longer lifespans that normal men do. Typically they lived for about 300-350 years and so these babies being snuffed out is an even bigger tragedy cos man could’ve had 300 years of being a Heavy Spoilers subscriber.

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