RINGS OF POWER: 5 Things You Missed In Episode 3

Let’s be honest very few of us have the luxury of being an immortal elf with endless time to sit and consume the endless amount of Lord of The Ring trivia that there is to consume. But we sure can try! Watch as we delve deep into the third episode on a first glance and try to extract as much as we can from the mysteries this episode gives to us. Who is Adar? Why is everyone in Númenor so angry at elves? Why does everyone have some special white tree? Well we discuss all of that so sit back and relax as we talk about the 5 things you may have missed in Episode 3 of The Rings of Power

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – ADAR
1:01 – Eternal Life
2:04 – Trees
2:56 – Isildur
3:53 – Meaning

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Written by: Iyan Socolove
Narrated by: Chris Goodmakers
Edited by: Chris Goodmakers

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