Movie Content Plus Entertainment RICK AND MORTY Season 6 Episode 5 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

RICK AND MORTY Season 6 Episode 5 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

RICK AND MORTY Season 6 Episode 5 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained. We review, recap and explain the new Rick And Morty episode and point out all the easter eggs, references, callbacks and hidden details that we could find in the entry.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka the guy who always comes through with a breakdown in the Rick of time and this video we’re breaking down the latest episode of Rick and Morty. The new episode is filled with easter eggs, lots of hidden details and also some callbacks to earlier entries in this show. 

Now the episode is call Final Desmithation which took me about 20 goes to get right and this Jerry and Rick centred episode has a lot going on with it. Obviously the title refers to Final Destination the film franchise in which characters that cheated death were slowly taken out by it one by one. The franchise was all about trying to change your future or in this case your fortune. The entry is very fortune cookie based and it has a company in it called Fortune 500 which is an annual list published by Fortune magazine that documents the top 500 corporations.

Nowe we start off at the Panda express with the smith sanchez family just having eaten a delicious Chow May-en.

We also hear that Morty and Summer have changed Ricks ringtone to the taxi theme due to a trend on tik tok. They say it slaps and ey.

It does it does and this is actually used as the music that goes over the credits at the end as well as the shootout scene in the panda express.

At this point we watch him using Doctor Octopus arms which shoot out of his back. Rather than using chopsticks though he ends up just using two forks.

Now at this point they get given some fortune cookies which we later learn are actually made from alien poop. The Fortune 500 company actually use an alien who has the power to turn entropy into fate. It takes chaos from the universe and digests it pulling in the unknown towards the known. The end restulsts of this leand to the fortunes inside of the cookies being guaranteed and because of this there’s no escaping them.

Most of them are pretty straight forward with Beth and Morty’s even being the same. Both talk about Family time and how it’s time well spent which ties into them going to the zoo. However this then leads into the ultimate family time for Jerry, sex with his mother.

Jerry’s mum first appeared in anatomy park all the way back in season 1 and from here we cut to the titles. However here we cut to the bit where I beg you to hit the thumbs up button and do a like comment share subscribe combo so I don’t have to get a proper job. After that I’ll be hitting you with the jingle of the Heavy Spoilers show which goes like this.

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