Movie Content Plus Video Red Notice: Behind The Scenes Secrets

Red Notice: Behind The Scenes Secrets


With Netflix’s latest big budget action thriller already released in theatres and set to make its way to the streaming service very soon, we thought we would take a look behind the scenes of the movie. With an absolutely stacked cast and a whopping budget of $200million, the biggest budget given by the streaming service to a movie, the film is set to be Netflix’s biggest film of all time, one that could even establish its own franchise in the same vein as Mission Impossible or the Bourne movies. But making the movie has been anything but plain sailing, with production encountering a number of issues with their main stars, broken props, and of course a global pandemic. Despite all these issues though, the movie seems to have been an absolute riot to work on with there being numerous hilarious anecdotes during production.

As we mentioned earlier, we thought we would take a look behind the scenes at how the movie came to be and share some fun secrets and bits of trivia you likely didn’t know. From issues with The Rock and his ginormous, mountainous size, a “severe” injury inflicted by Gal Gadot, Reynolds’ antics during filming causing millions of Netflix’s money to be wasted, the way they dealt with the pandemic, to even a number of A-Listers who nearly starred in the film. These are some of the best behind the scenes secrets of the movie ‘Red Notice’.

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