Movie Content Plus Video Questionable Things We Ignore In Bob’s Burgers

Questionable Things We Ignore In Bob’s Burgers

An obsessive aunt, skirting child labor law regulations and a pilot that’s tough to revisit. Underneath all that family fun are some questionable things we ignore in "Bob’s Burgers."

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Where’s the money? | 0:00
Consistent prices | 1:05
What child labor laws? | 2:08
Lots of vocal gender swaps | 3:15
Aunt Gayle’s Bob obsession | 4:22
Where’s Bob’s mom? | 5:07
Tina befriends her bullies | 5:44
Burgerboss Bob | 6:38
Something fishy about Fischoeder | 7:41
A complicated pilot episode | 8:37
Another controversial early episode | 9:53

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