Movie Content Plus Video Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Interview: Get to Know Chandler Kinney

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Interview: Get to Know Chandler Kinney

Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party is all about giving you the heads-up on newer talent on the cusp of becoming very big and busy, and I’ve got a whole lot of faith that’ll be the case for Pretty Little Lairs: Original Sin star Chandler Kinney.

The HBO Max reimagining takes place within the existing Pretty Little Liars universe, but it focuses on five new characters living in a different town. The events of Original Sin unfold in Millwood, which isn’t all that far from Rosewood. That’s where we meet Kinney’s character, Tabby, a film-obsessed high school student who takes great pride in working at the local theater, The Orpheum. However, there’s also a growing darkness in Tabby’s world. Not only is she struggling with past trauma, but she’s also being targeted by an unknown assailant dubbed "A" who’s determined to make her and her friends pay for a sin committed by their mothers two decades ago.

With all 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin now available to stream on HBO Max, Kinney took the time to join us for a Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party conversation so we could learn more about her journey in the industry thus far, her experience working on Pretty Little Liars and, yes, the biggest reveals of the final episodes.

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Jurassic Park References
02:07 Getting Started
04:55 Disney Channel Dreams
07:26 Getting on the Disney Path
10:53 Z-O-M-B-I-E-S
11:43 Lethal Weapon & Damon Wayans
15:16 Favorite Part of Acting
17:02 Actor for Disney vs. HBO Max
21:14 PLL Original Sin: How Tabby Changed
23:11 Auditioning for Faran
24:42 Movie References & Easter Eggs
30:06 Maia Reficco
32:37 PLL Original Sin SPOILERS

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