Movie Content Plus Video Power Rangers RPM: Rose McIver Revisits Playing the Yellow Ranger

Power Rangers RPM: Rose McIver Revisits Playing the Yellow Ranger

If there’s a Collider Ladies Night guest who’s been part of a Power Rangers production, you can bet I’m going to ask about it. At this point, the franchise includes 22 themed series (a total of 28 seasons of television), three feature films and more on the way via Netflix. Not only is it a hugely successful property with a significant fanbase, but the Power Rangers shows are also hugely unique productions in a very CG-heavy industry. 

Yes, the usage of digital effects has increased over the years, but Power Rangers still leans into practical techniques far more than most modern productions. Given the fact that such a defining feature like that likely calls for a more unique approach to the filming process, I opted to dig into that with Rose McIver on Collider Ladies Night.

With her new show Ghosts thriving on CBS, McIver took the time to retrace her steps in the industry to sitcom headliner. In 2009, not only did McIver see the release of her break out movie, Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, but she also starred in Power Rangers RPM as Summer Landsdown, the show’s Yellow Ranger.

Check out what she told us about the Power Rangers experience in this Collider Ladies Night After hours clip!

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