Movie Content Plus Video Poker Face: Rian Johnson Leaves the Door Open for Additional Seasons

Poker Face: Rian Johnson Leaves the Door Open for Additional Seasons

Rian Johnson seems to have the mystery genre on lock with the Knives Out franchise, and is now bringing the clues to television in the upcoming series, Poker Face, on Peacock. However, Johnson recently revealed that the 10-episode limited series was not originally envisioned as such.

During a recent panel for the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour – which had Collider’s own Carly Lane in attendance – Johnson said that the world of Poker Face was not conceived as a limited series. When asked about the potential for additional plotlines beyond the show’s limited run, Johnson added, "There are infinite stories to tell. As people watch more and more episodes and realize how distinct each one is … there is endless possibility." It seemed that Johnson was not the only one in favor of stretching the series out into a full-length television show, as Poker Face star Natasha Lyonne, who was also in attendance at the panel, replied "76!" when asked how many seasons of the show she’d like to see.

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