Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Arcane Season 2, Toy Story 5, One Piece Netflix Series… KinoCheck News

Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Arcane Season 2, Toy Story 5, One Piece Netflix Series... KinoCheck News

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00:00 Toy Story 5
To infinity and beyond: Buzz Lightyear couldn’t describe the "Toy Story" film series any better. Following the success of Part 4, the franchise is now set to get another fifth installment, in which a true fan favorite could return…

01:48 Arcane Season 2
It’s back to Piltover: three years after the success of League of Legends adaptation "Arcane," the series is set to return next year with a second season…

02:49 Pirates of the Caribbean 6
Six years after "Pirates of the Caribbean 5", part 6 is finally to follow and take us once again into the world of pirates. For the new film Disney could win Craig Mazin as a writer, who was already responsible for the series implementation of "The Last of Us"…

04:31 One Piece Netflix Series
Hardly anyone expected this: "One Piece" in its new live action version is one of the biggest surprises ever. The series entered at the first place of the Netflix charts even throws overboard the previous records of "Stranger Things" and "Wednesday"…

05:56 MCU Series Schedule
Movement at Marvel: the series calendar for the remaining months of 2023 has been completely scrapped and is likely to cause some disappointment. As such, the second season of "Loki" will be the only live-action series to be released this year….

08:18 Stray movie adaptation
It may be the movie for cat lovers: in 2022, the game "Stray" thrilled numerous gamers. In it, you control a cat through a world populated by robots. Now the adventure is to be made into a film…

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