Movie Content Plus Video Peacemaker Villains We Could See In Season 2

Peacemaker Villains We Could See In Season 2

Peacemaker on HBO Max was enjoyed by many and has continued to stay in the public eye since its release. With John Cena in the starring role, he became one of the most liked, talked about, and controversial super heroes to date. This James Gunn live action Spin off series of The Suicide Squad has been funny, riske, and down right dirty at times, but it’s packed with references to other characters from the lore of DC Comics. With all these obscure references throughout season 1…that does make them canon and brings up the possibility of future appearances for some lesser known characters. We have learned throughout season 1 that Gunn is not afraid to experiment with characters. The big creative experiment was the butterflies, which Gunn came up with…which means he could come up with something big for season 2, but there are countless other villains that Gunn could pull out.


0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Auggie Smith
2:33 – Judo Master
3:39 – Black Spider
4:22 – The Ten Eyed Man
5:09 – Knock Out
5:41 – Amanda Waller
6:17 – Eclipso
6:55 – Economos
7:35 – Gorilla Grodd
8:09 – Vigilante

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