PEACEMAKER FINALE: Easter Eggs and OPENING DANCE Explained + [SPOILER] Cameos Explained

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The Peacemaker Finale is filled with satisfying character developments, Easter Eggs, and DCEU cameos from Amanda Waller, The Justice League, Flash, Aquaman, and (kind of) Wonder Woman. We breakdown and examine the finale, as well as Episode 7, Stop Dragon My Heart Around–(because we missed it last week).

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Srinidhi Rao, and Randolf Nombrado

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0:00 Episode 7 Breakdown and Easter Eggs
6:14 Peacemaker Finale Easter Eggs Part 1
10:14 The Opening Credits Dance, Finally Explained
13:30 Finale Easter Eggs Part 2 and Ending Explained

The song at the start of the episode is If You Really Really Love Me by Steel Panther, which is all about trying to prove your affection. Which is what everyone is trying to do in this episode. Leota wants to prove her loyalty, Harcourt wants to prove she’s a leader, Jon wants to earn his friends’ respect, Goff wants to prove she wants to help the earth, Vigilante and Eagly wants Peacemaker to love them, and Chris just wants to prove he’s free form his dad.

Spoiler: he ever will be.

We learn that the moment Keith died Chris made his vow of peace, which makes the episode 2 scene slap harder–when he refuses to kill a child because the gun doesn’t have the dove of peace on it.

The episode is titled Cow or Never, a play on the Elvis song now or never–a song about wanting to stop fighting and be together. Which is exactly what Goff and the butterflies want.

They name drop a certain emerald archer [clip]. I think the reason Peacemaker is always saying mean things about heroes is because he’s jealous of the praise they get. We’ve seen that he keeps a newspaper clipping calling him a hero, meaning what he really wants is for everyone to think of him the way they think of the classic DC heroes. So if he can’t earn their level of respect, then he can bring them down to his level.

They explain the helmet to Eagly, much like Rocket explained the Button to baby Groot in Gunn’s Guardians volume 2.

So here’s a question for you. He sees his dad in the woods. And it turns out his dad was standing exactly where the helmet was. So did his dad tie his mind to the helmet, with–like an implant in Chris’s brain?

The ending makes me think this isn;’ the case, and that he’s just losing his mind. I think Chris saw the helmet, and subconsciously manifested his dad. It will be really fun to see James Gunn play with his sanity in season 2.

Anyone else feel bad for the cow? It’s a parallel to Starro the conqueror, and other alien that was held against its will, so it could be exploited.

Vigilante and John argue about fish and plants. Which, I dunno, shows how ignorant people are about the environment. Exactly the reason why Goff and the butterflies are on earth, trying to help us.

The scene where Jon admits that he has to dye his beard could have been played for laughs, but instead they hit just the right note to make it heartbreaking [clip]. I think Jon ended up being one of my favorite characters in the show. He’s the only one who is up front about how broken he is. Everyone is as sad and pathetic as him, he’s just worse at hiding it.

The scene where the butterflies chase him is an homage to both invasion of the body snatchersand a zombie movie when they swarm over him.

Wen they activated the helmet, did anyone else keep thinking of this

Peacemaker goes into his battle with s shield much like Captain America’s first shield–maybe because Cap used that shield in war, where he had to kill.

And this final fight is set to the theme song, which got me thinking, James Gunn said that the dance was specifically choreographed to align with the arc of the characters in the show. [clip]

So let’s look at the dance with the benefit of hindsight. I’m not a dramaturge for an expert on modern dance, but this is my best interpretation.

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