Movie Content Plus Video Peacemaker: DC’s Push In The Right Direction

Peacemaker: DC’s Push In The Right Direction

Peacemaker has been a standout hit and to celebrate what I hope is a serious change with the DCEU, we’re making a different type of video about what makes it so different from DC’s other projects so spoilers if you haven’t caught up to at least episode 7.
The only thing that we can hopefully say for sure is that the positive press surrounding Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad since theyre so similar shows that DC is making better choices when it comes to the direction they’re going in. The Flash is pretty iffy to me, The Batman isn’t in the DCEU so it doesn’t count but Black Adam has both Hawkman and Dr. Fate in it which is dope but again, comes back to the problem we just talked out but… and this is a big but… maybe just maybe they won’t make the same mistakes…

Now at the time of this video going up, there’s still one episode left so maybe the show couldn’t stick the landing and almost everything that I said in this video aged like unpasteurized alien cow liquids but the other 7 episodes show that DC is finally on a much less generic and trash path so hopefully, they continue to go up from here.
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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Dark Story Done Right
1:16 – Reinvention of Characters
3:10 – Tons of Personality
5:36 – It’s The Little Things
7:17 – Show’s Length
8:34 – What Does It Mean For The Future?

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