Paper Girls Interview: Get to Know Sofia Rosinsky Who Plays Mac Coyle

Sofia Rosinsky delivers a true one-of-a-kind performance as Mac Coyle in the Prime Video adaptation of Paper Girls.

Mac is the very first paperboy in Stony Stream who’s not, well, a boy. Now there’s also Camryn Jones’ Tiff, Fina Strazza’s KJ, and the newest papergirl, Riley Lai Nelet’s Erin. Their paths collide in the wee hours of the morning on November 1, 1988, aka Hell Day. The hours after Halloween can get quite rowdy, but Mac, Tiff, KJ, and Erin have a rather unusual experience after encountering some bullies. After the incident, they wind up time traveling to 2019.

Paper Girls features A+ casting across the board, but Rosinsky’s performance, in particular, feels so incredibly specific to her skillset and her interpretation of the character that it’s impossible to imagine anyone else bringing Mac to life with such personality and color. It’s quite the achievement for an actor who’s just 16 years old, and it’s something that signifies that whatever that “special something” is, Rosinsky has it.

Hear all about how Rosinsky’s inspired by Alec Guinness, how her version of Mac evolved from audition to finished show, what she appreciated most about working with Strazza, Jones, and Nelet, her hopes for Mac in Season 2, and so much more on this edition of Collider Ladies Night Pre-Party!

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Her Love of Alec Guinness
05:33 Meeting Gary Sinise
06:47 Favorite Part of Being an Actor
07:49 Making Films with Her Sister
10:33 How Mac Changed from Audition to Final Show
11:41 Comic Mac vs. Show Mac
14:09 Working with Camryn, Fina & Riley
18:03 How Much Improv?
20:53 The Motorcycle Scene
22:25 Mac in Season 2

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