ONE PIECE Breakdown and ENDING EXPLAINED – What’s Nextfor the ALABASTA Saga!

ONE PIECE Breakdown and ENDING EXPLAINED - What's Nextfor the ALABASTA Saga!

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One Piece is by far our favorite live action anime adaptation. We explain the ending and what to expect for season 2!

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Written by Dodson Seitz
Produced by Srinidhi Rao
Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Brianna McLarty

#OnePiece #EndingExplained

One Piece is the most entertaining emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on in a while, and nothing underscores that more than the ending – so let’s talk about it

But before we begin, obviously, there will be spoilers ahead, not just for the show itself but what WILL probably happen next according to the manga – so consider yourself warned!

The final episode of One Piece season represents the culmination of the Straw Hats journey and personal triumph over each crew member’s biggest hurdles in chasing their dreams. (ep 8)

We also got a post-credit scene, revealing a super important character in Luffy’s journey, and showing us that there is plenty of anime action – just over the horizon. (ep 8)

Doug: Well I’d hope so – isn’t One Piece like a bazillion episodes long?

Doug, don’t be ridiculous. There are only 1074 episodes of the anime and 1090 chapters spread over 106 volumes of manga. Nowhere near a bazillion. *Laughs*[clip]

Doug: [with a calculator in front of him] That’s like (carry the one, x 24 min episode) … like 427.6 hours if you played it nonstop, back to back –

Oh well, there you go Doug. Only 2 weeks with zero sleep breaks to get fully caught up on One Piece – the more you know – [clip]

Anyways – my point is the One Piece storyline is – huge. In fact, the entire saga we saw portrayed in the live-action series only accounts for 4% of the entire One Piece story.[clip]

Luckily, the Netflix adaptation starts us right at the beginning so you don’t have to do any homework before you watch.


Season one covers the East Blue saga and despite being such a small part of the grand One Piece story – it’s still one of the most important parts. It serves as not only the origin story for the Straw Hat crew, but their characters’ origins as well.

Doug: Hold up what do you mean by “Saga”?

Well, you got to remember that One Piece started as a manga and by its very nature had a villain of the week type cadancy. That means the stories are told in smaller “arcs,” which later combine into a season-like “saga”

Doug: I’m still confused

If you think of the arcs as Marvel movies, where one “arc” is one movie and a Saga is a whole phase. Now the Netflix adaptation did take some creative freedom when it comes to how this saga ends but arguably, these changes are for the better.[clip]

One of the main changes in this season was – Garp. Originally, Garp doesn’t even show up until WAY further down the line. However, moving Garp’s story up makes him the real final boss of the East Blue saga – and it’s a solid change when you think about it.(ep 8)

As we said before, the purpose of the East Blue saga is to introduce the Straw Hats to the audience and each other, but it’s more than just an origin story. With the exception of Usopp, every Straw Hat pirate shows some reluctance to join Luffy’s crew until they overcome some kind of personal challenge together, kind of like the Avengers [clip] (ep 3-4)

At its very core, One Piece is a story about stubbornly chasing your dreams despite what the world throws at you. Each of the Straw Hats’ origins exemplifies some of the most common things the world TRIES to throw at you.[clip]

Sanji’s origin is a tragic story about the gravity of the sacrifices one has to make in order to achieve their dream. (ep 6) Zoro’s story shows how derailed you can get from your goals after experiencing sudden loss. (ep 4)

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