Movie Content Plus Video OBI-WAN KENOBI Teaser BREAKDOWN: Every Easter Egg and Reveal in the New Star Wars Trailer

OBI-WAN KENOBI Teaser BREAKDOWN: Every Easter Egg and Reveal in the New Star Wars Trailer

Happy Disney Plus Day! The first look at Obi-Wan Kenobi is here, showing how the Jedi spent his time between the trilogies. IN this video we break down his life on Tatooine, the Sith Inquisitors, his duel with Vader, and his reunion with Hayden Christiansen

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Katie Oliviero, and Justin Yee

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So the obi-wan Kenobi series is set right between the two trilogies, ten years after revenue of the sith. We’ve actually seen some inklings of Obi-wan’s life on Tatooine before. IN the 215 star wars series, Luke goes back to tatooine and finds Ben’s journal in a box marked, “For luke.”

Arts of the journal told stories about Yoda, but the bulk of it was documenting ben;s time on tapstone–and I think this will be important for this series.

In the first entry, he’s really frustrated that he’s no longer a jedi. He can;t help people when they’re in trouble he has to keep his lightsaber hidden away.

His mission is to protect Luke, But owner makes him keep his distance from the family. Owen, like ben, was trying to protect luke, form the angers of adventuring that he thinks killed his dad

This also frustrates Ben, because he knows that he should be training Luke, but Owen wouldn’t allow it.
But even though he keeps his distance Ben does manage to protect the Lars family. He fights off Tusken raiders and bandits. At one point Luke breaks his skyhopper, and obi wan anonymously donated parts to the family. But then Owen dumps them out in front of Ben and says stay away from my family. and Owen returns them, says stay away from my family

Later he saves the owner’s life from a wookie bounty hunter, and there’s kind of a truce, where own winks at him to say, thanks, but keep you at a distance.

So this is all we know about Obi Wan’s time between the trilogies. Well–no, Rebels did show a final duel between him and darth maul that takes place after this series.

So let’s look at this concept art. This shows Obi wan riding an eopie, the animal he rode at the end of revenge of the sit–and what this incredibly inquisitive stranger was riding when she asked Rey her last name.

And by the way, a lot of people thought it was weird that this old lady randomly asked rey’s last name, but I’m from a small town where old ladies will talk about people’s family trees for hours on end. Hours. So I bought this.

. Right when we see this imperial base. A few thighs I noticed about this. One, these are all the regular human recruits, no one is wearing old clone armor or has old clone markings. Like we saw in the bad batch the empire has fully transitioned away from clones.

This is important, because it means that none of these troopers will have had any expei=rnce fighting Jedi, and no safeguards against Jedi mind tricks.

This base is enormous, but I don’t think it’s coruscant. Look at the rocky cliffs outside. To m this looks like a fortress embedded into a mountain, maybe eadu from rogue one, where the imperial think tank was building the death star.

This could also be Mustafar, the location of Vader and obi-wan’s fateful duel, where Vader built his palace.

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