Movie Content Plus Video New SUPER VILLAIN Team Revealed in SHE-HULK?

New SUPER VILLAIN Team Revealed in SHE-HULK?

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She-Hulk Episode 6 introduced a site titled Intelligencia. In the comics the Intelligence is a team of supervillains including characters such as The Leader, MODOK, Dr. Doom and more. They’re mission is to take over all the world’s governments. We think that this tease in She-Hulk is confirmation that The Leader is involved in the plot to steal her blood. And we think this could be leading us straight into Captain America 4.
In this one we’ve got A LOT to talk about. She-Hulk episode 6 may have introduced a new team of supervillains into the MCU. So we’ve gotta talk The Leader, MODOK, Ulysses Klaue, Doctor Doom, Justin Hammer, Aldrik Killian, the Kingpin, and… Todd. So episode 6 introduced a website called Intelligencia.

This website is full of disturbing posts calling for the death of She-Hulk.

Now in the comics, Intelligencia is a group of highly intelligent supervillains founded by The Leader. The Leader was teased way back in 2008 in the Incredible Hulk. And is confirmed to be returning in Captain America 4.

We’ve speculated before that The Leader is very likely involved in this mission to steal Jen’s blood. Afterall, the Incredible Hulk film is the only film Sameul Stern has appeared in and that film revolved heavily around Hulk blood.

Bruce is working with “Mr. Blue”, aka Samuel Sterns, aka The Leader, to create an antidote to rid him of the Hulk. It’s also in this film that we see a sample of Bruce Banner’s blood drip into an open wound on Samuel Stern’s head that turns him into The Leader. Just how Bruce’s blood drips into an open wound on Jen and turns her into She-Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk also featured Emil Blonsky’s The Abomination who of course has also appeared in She-Hulk.
In Incredible Hulk it was Blonsky who forced Sterns to turn him into what would become The Abomination.

So it just seems very likely that if there’s a plot to steal some hulk blood, in a show that has focused heavily on hulk blood.

Now while we haven’t seen any Mr. Blue usernames on Inteligencia, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t the mysterious HulkKing. Or that he isn’t at least behind the operations at the lab we saw in episode 6.

I think it’s likely that Smaeul Stern will get his classic comic name “The Leader” simply by being referred to as “The Leader” of this mission to get hulk blood and do god knows what with it. More on that in a bit.

In our most recent She-Hulk easter egg video I failed to give a rundown of the Inteligencia team from the comics. [clip, gasp]

Don’t worry, Doug already got on to me for it and threatened to fire me if I screw up again.

Doug: Yeah I got my eye on you new guy

So let’s talk about which villains could be involved in this big operation and what exactly it is they’re planning on doing with HulkBlood.

Let’s start with MODOK.

MODOK is another key member of the Intelligencia team. And just like The Leader will be appearing in Captain America 4. MODOK is confirmed to be appearing in Antman and the Wasp Quantumania. And rumor has it he’ll be played by Corey Stolls who of course played Darren Cross’s Yellow Jacket in the first Antman film.

After his supposed death in Antman, it would make perfect sense that he was actually mutilated and then lost deep in the Quantum realm. And it is there that he likely came across other civilizations that we know exist in the Quantum realm and it is there he created his new suit and became, MODOK. [clip]

And now here he is ready to exact revenge on Scott Lang. Sounds awesome. But, if we meet MODOK in Quantumania in the Quantum realm. I don’t know how he’d be involved with The leader in this mission to steal hulk blood. Perhaps it’s possible that he’s already made his way out of the Quantum realm and has teamed up with The Leader to create an army of super powered individuals they can use to take over the world.

While The Leader is focused on the Hulk powers, perhaps MODOK, aka Darren Cross, is plotting to yet again weaponize the Pym particle.
Imagine that, Hulks that can shrink and go giant mode.

In the comics MODOK works very closely with AIM. AIM, or Advanced Idea Mechanics, is a criminal organization of mad scientists whose mission is to take over all of the world’s governments using their expertise in technology.

Now we’ve heard mention of AIM before in the MCU. Aldrik Killian, aka the fiery dude from Iron Man 3, aka the Mandarin, but not really.

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