Movie Content Plus Video New Spider-Man Versions We Could See In Across The Spider-Verse

New Spider-Man Versions We Could See In Across The Spider-Verse

With the sequel to the beloved and Oscar winning animated feature coming to theaters next year, it’s time we all look all over the multiverse at just who could be making an appearance in this blockbuster sequel. With an unlimited amount of universes comes a virtually unlimited number of arachnid-themed people, each with their own unique backstories and in some cases, power sets. Let’s have a look at just who could be wall crawling their way onto the big screen in today’s video. The first film was such a blast, combining comic characters that fans thought would never see the light of day. This included Peni Parker, Noir, and even Peter Porker, the bug bitten by a radioactive pig. Basically what this first animated feature did was show us that his franchise has put no comic characters off limits, no matter how weird or wacky. This sets the possibilities wide open for who could possibly be appearing in the sequel.

Mayday Parker is the first child of MJ and Peter Parker in the future on Earth 982. Ben Reilly is one of the coolest and most well known versions of the bug themed web head who also happens to be a clone of the original. There’s older versions, British, versions, and versions that actually have eight legs! So with that being said, which comic hero or villain do you hope appears in the highly anticipated sequel that is less than one year away? Which do you think could be the next mentor for Gwen and Miles? Be sure to leave a like, comment, and subscribe and enjoy today’s video, but be on the lookout for any alternate versions of yourself.


0:00 Intro
0:37 2099
1:37 Mayday Parker
2:24 What If…
3:11 Ben Reilly
3:59 Superior
4:42 Silk
5:29 Doppelganger
6:09 Ollie Osnick
7:07 Madame Web
7:50 UK
8:30 Mangaverse
9:12 Old Man
9:43 Outro

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