Movie Content Plus Video Netflix Password Sharing to End in 2023

Netflix Password Sharing to End in 2023

Tudum! As we draw ever closer to Christmas and into the turn of the year and into 2023, many people the world over hope for better fortunes in the new year. And just as everyday people make resolutions and decisions as to how their lives will run come the new year, companies do the same thing. And as part of its plans for 2023, the streaming giant Netflix has announced that it will be ending its password-sharing feature sometime in the days and weeks after the clock strikes midnight on December 31.

After the mega boom that trailed the long COVID months for Netflix, the streaming platform has had to endure a shaky year so far. The platform had to endure a huge subscriber exodus in the first quarter of 2022, partly due to the fact that fewer people were spending time at home. Since then the company has been mulling over initiatives that might help boost its subscribers once more. One of the tactics discussed was the ending of the password-sharing feature, and per The Wall Street Journal, the plan may well and truly be upon us in the very near future. The streamer intends to set up systems that will hinder subscribers from sharing their Netflix passwords with devices outside their homes unless they pay to do so.

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