Movie Content Plus Video Need for Speed: How It Changed the Way Imogen Poots Chooses Projects

Need for Speed: How It Changed the Way Imogen Poots Chooses Projects

With every single project comes new experiences and lessons learned that could either reinforce existing career goals or illuminate something that isn’t the right fit, and that’s exactly what we dug into with Imogen Poots on a recent episode of Collider Ladies Night.

Poots is currently in the midst of celebrating Outer Range’s eight-episode run on Prime Video. The show is a supernatural Western starring Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher who discovers a gigantic and inexplicable hole on his property. That same day, Poots’ Autumn arrives at the Abbott ranch looking for a place to camp. Royal reluctantly agrees, and the more time Autumn spends on the property, the more intertwined she becomes with the Abbott family and the unfolding mystery.

While paving the way from her earliest ambitions and screen credits to Outer Range, Poots took a moment to look back on the industry experiences that offered her further clarity on the types of projects that speak to her most. One particular film she brought up? The 2014 adaptation of Need for Speed, an action thriller starring Aaron Paul as a street racer looking to avenge his friend’s death.

Check out what Poots had to say about Need for Speed in this Collider Ladies Night After Hours clip!

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