MS MARVEL: How Her Bangle Connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ms. Marvel is heavily connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only is Kamala Khan a massive fan of captain Marvel and the Avengers, but her bangle was found in a temple of the Ten Rings, connecting to Shang Chi. But we think that there is an even stronger connection to the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That the bands were created by none other than the Celestials.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

The third episode of Ms Marvel revealed a major connection to Shang-Chi. When the Jinn find the bangle, we see the 10 rings insignia on the temple’s ground.

And this immediately ties the mysterious bangle to the equally mysterious 10 rings.

So by now, you probably saw all the theories going around that the bangle might be the MCU’s version of the nega-bands from the comics.
Something we theorized on in our episode 3 breakdown.

And yeah, we are going to talk about that in this video as well, however we have a mind-blowing theory about the bangle and the 10 rings, and their true origins.
And it’s so much more than them being a version of the quantum bands or the nega bands.

We think that there might be a much deeper connection here, that will reveal the earth-shattering secret history of the marvel cinematic universe.

So first let’s go over what we know so far, because some of the details are very elusive.
Let’s start with the bangle, and its connection to the Jinn.

Right now it’s unclear where the bangle originates from. But it doesn’t seem to have arrived from the Light Dimension. That’s Jinn’s home reality.

And according to Aisha [clip].
So there is a second bangle somewhere on Earth. Meaning that the one Kamala has only one half of the full set. And by the end of the season she will combine the two bangles to unlock her full power.

But why is the bangle hidden in the same temple that has the 10 rings symbol?

We never found out where Wenwu found the rings.

The fact that the temple floor is marked by the 10 rings symbol might mean that it’s where Wenwu found them.

Now before we get to that part, we need to talk about the blue-skinned hand in the room. The same one that wore the bangle.

This hand likely belongs to a Kree. Who are the blue-skinned aliens we met previously in Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel.
And since Kamala is going to appear in the Marvels, that’s the connection right there.

We know that the Kree empire visited Earth many times in the past.
The Kree might have possessed the bangle, using it as a weapon to expand their empire.

But the kree who wore the bangle somehow died.
And I think Wenwu killed him.

Wenwu is based on the Mandarin from the comics, who found the 10 rings on an alien spaceship. The rings belonged to the dragon-like aliens, the Makluans.

And perhaps in the MCU, Wenwu found the rings on a Kree ship.

So here’s the theory about that.
Both the 10 rings and the bangle were in the kree empire’s possession thousand years ago.

Let’s say that there were two kree that wore the artifacts. Handy wore the bangle, and brainy wore the 10 rings.

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