MS Marvel Episode 4 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Ending Explained, Review & Things You Missed

MS Marvel Episode 4 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Ending Explained, Review & Things You Missed. We review, recap and explain episode 4 episode of Ms Marvel on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind-the-scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the new characters of Red Daggger

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0:00 Ms Marvel Episode 4 Intro
2:55 End Of Episode 3 Recap and Episode 4 Breakdown
18:23 Why I Didn’t Cover Episode 3 (if you care)

Ok so after our Ms Marvel Episode 3 breakdown broke the internet and trended worldwide last Wednesday because everyone watched it I’ve been very excited to check out Episode 4. It’s filled with easter eggs, hidden details and a lot of things you missed. Seem to be missing a lot recently don’t you, including our episode 3 breakdown but I’m gonna do you a solid one and include some of the easter eggs and breakdowns of the characters in the last entry so you don’t have to go back and watch it.

As a thank you I expect that thumbs up button hit and also make sure you sit around until the end of the video where, I maaaay, may explain why eh, we didn’t get a chance to cover last week if you’re interested. Which I dunno, it’s not that big of a deal.

Anyway with that out the way let’s get into Ms. Marvel.

Now last episode explained Najmas ties to the bangle along with some clues about where it came from. After we opened in British Occupied India during 1942 which is five years before India gained Independence from the UK. This was of course also during the second world and we joined the Djinn as they searched for the bangles. Described as supernatural beings from another dimension Djinn that are very much genies, though they have been described as bother good and evil spirits.

In the episode they get referred to as both the Unseen and also The Clan Destine which are two groups that come from the comics. The Unseen are a group of aliens that worked with Nick Fury, potentially tying in with the end of Far From Home and also possibly setting up the characters appearance in The Marvels. Clan Destine were actually X-men villains created in the 90s and they were the progeny of Adam Of Destine as well as Elalyth who just so happened to also be a Djinn.

Adam was born in the 1100s in Ravenscroft in England and he was badly wounded one day. However he had a full recovery after dreaming of an Inhuman woman and this led his local villagers to name him Adam Of Destine.

Adam became impervious to harm and during the crusades he was unable to be harmed. During his adventures he fought a wizard with a magical gem and upon killing him the gem was broken oepn which is when Elalyth came forward as a genie.

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