Movie Content Plus Video MS MARVEL Ep3: EASTER EGGS, Breakdown, and Multiverse of Madness Connection EXPLAINED

MS MARVEL Ep3: EASTER EGGS, Breakdown, and Multiverse of Madness Connection EXPLAINED

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Ms. Marvel episode 3 gives us some answers about Kamala’s bangle…but a lot more questions about where she came from, and how this connects to the Kree, and to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the TenRings. We explained the connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how this show is setting up the next big crossover event, The Young Avengers.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Written by Srinidhi Rao (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Sean martin, and Ethan Lavinsky

This episode finally gives us our villain, draws battle lines, and a kind of origin for the powers. But I’ve got a theory about the Bangle and the Jinn, where they come from, and how this ties in to Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings that I’m going to go over a little later in the video.

We opened in British occupied INdia in 1942. This is 5 years before INdia and Pakistan gained independence,and also 5 years before the Partition that we’ve heard about in past episodes [bad time, etc.].

This is significant because it gives us a clue about what happened to Kamala’s grandmother Aisha after she leaves Nadya here. Later on Nadya says [those who betray me], so she thinks that amala’s grandmother was a traitor. I think this is because Aisha met a humble earthman, fell in love, and did not want to return to her home dimension.

But first let’s talk about this juicy scene and all the easter eggs. So the Jinn are looking for two bangles. I mentioned this last week, but it could be that the bangles are the MCI version of the nega bands.

These bands were worn by the original Captain Marvel, and…basically they connected him to another dimension called the negative zone, where he and a guy named Rick Jones would take turns being trapped. They also gave his powers, and were powerful relics from the Kree empire.

You remember the Kree, from Guardians, Agents of Shield, Captain marvel. The kree have bene visiting earth for thousands of years–in fact peggy carter takes a kree body from the nazis in agents of sheild. Now the arm here is blue, like the Kree which would support the theory that this is a Kree body. And that the bangle is a Kree relic.

But I’ve got another theory about who this could be that I’ll go over later in the video.

Then Nadya gives us a few answers about who they are. She says they were from another dimension, and were exiled. Now the episode gives us a pretty great explanation of the jinn [her dad, genie, etc.] They are a certain kind of spirit in Islam, similar to an ange;l, that can take the form of an animal or a human.

And actually, the jinn were first mentioned here in episode 1 [clip, amir making fun of her]. And she also gives other names they have been called. For instance, the Unseen. There was a group of aliens called the unseen in Marvel comics in the 1950s, and they attacked all the capitalist countries of the world. This was also a code name Nick Fury adopted for a while.

Now she also says they call themselves the clandestine. In the comics, in the 1990s, this is a group of supervillains. So you could say this is a version of that team. In fact, one of the members was a jinn. Here they’re all Jinns from another reality.

And they reveal the source of their powers, the Noor. This is a common Arabic word meaning light, but they spin this into a new concept, as energy forms another dimension.

None of them were able to use the bangle, but Kamala could. And this is a metaphor for the experience of the American immigrant. Later in the episode, her mother talks about how hard it was when they moved to America [clip].

Her mother never truly fit into western, american culture. But her daughter, Kamala can. So, just like the Jinn need someone who is half from earth to return home, Kamal’s parents need a daughter from America to help them feel at home.

This series is rooted in themes of family and community, whether they be friendships, family, religion–or your inter dimensional cousins who want to eat your brain, or whatever.

She also hints that someday Kamaran’s abilities will manifest [clip]. And in the comics, his superpower is bioluminescence–so here it looks like the noor-the light, will be his power as well.

And by the way, this guy is watching Zoe’s popcorn video that we heard about form damage control [clip].

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