Movie Content Plus Video MS MARVEL Ep2: Every EASTER EGG, Breakdown + ENDING EXPLAINED


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Ms. Marvel episode 2 deepens the mystery of Kamala Khan’s family, but also has tons of connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where does her bangle come from? How is it connected to the Kree and Captain Marvel? Who is the mystery woman at the end, and is Kamron up to no good? We have answers.

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Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Written by Ryan Arey and Srinidhi Rao (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Srinidhi Rao, and Randolf Nombrado

First off, the Marvel studios opening now features this shot of Dr Syrange from the Multiverse of madness, and this shot of Moon Knight. These shots were actually inserted in the last episode, but we missed them. So here’s a couple other easter eggs we missed.

When Kamala is trying to adjust her outfit and hide her pelvic area, she ties a scarf around her waist, a nod to Carol Danvers’ outfit when she was the original Ms. Marvel.

Also, the cosplay costume wants her to add in a bit of herself into the suit. This is emulating the comics, where she starts off using her powers to transform into a Carol Danvers look alike before creating her own suit. And her suit in the comics looks like a Salwar kameez. This is a traditional central asian garb for women.

The actor who plays her dad, Mohan Kapur, is a popular south asian actor but he also was the official Hindi dub voice for Doctor Strange.

Did the driving instructor look familiar to you? Maybe that’s because he’s Mr Clark from Stranger Things. And the first words spoken by Aamir and Yusefare the same words they first spoke in the comic.

Back to episode 2. The S in previously on matches the S form the comics Ms Marvel logo, meant to emulate a lightning bolt. You see these touches all over the show. IMore recent Marvel shows like MNs marvel and hawkeye have done a great job directly including panels for the comic book art–and it looks like Taiaka Waitit’s Thor love and thou nd r is doing the same.

This is all awesome for long time comics fans, because for years we had to watch the movies run away from the comics.

The music in the opening is the song Feels so Good by mase–and it’s because she’s really feeling herself now that she has superpowers and is gonna be famous.

She tells Bruno [practice shrinking, etc]. Because in the comics, she actually can shrink herself. And she also says this about ant-man [younger than we look] making a joke about the agel;ess, Immortal being who appears to mortals in the form of Paul rudd.

Next we’re introduced to her other best friend in the comics, Nakia. I think it was smart for the first episode to focus on Bruno and not introduce too many characters. It would have been overwhelming. Also, this episode is guiding the audience more into her culture, and Nakia gives her someone to speak to about events at the mosque.

So Zoe is able to leverage almost dying into gaining new subscribers and instant fame. She knows that Kamala protected her, but chooses to jot give credit. [light monkey]. This is obviously a nod to Ned;s fake name for spider-man [night monkey]. But also, it makes me wonder, was Zoe trying to protect her secret identity, or did she just not want Kamala to take attention from her?

Oh and see this guy with the headphones? His family has a reaction channel. Marvel, put me in a show! I could break down the battle of New York for students in a classroom. I used to be a teacher. This is perfect casting.

So last episode we saw Bruno applying to get into Caltech, and this episode, we find out that he got in [clip]. The guidance counselor’s name, Gabe Wilson, is a nod to G Willow Wilson, the creator of Kamala Khan.

He talks about the call to adventure part of the movies, and specifically mentions star wars and a movie where Meryl Streep asks you to answer phones for a fashion company–referencing the devil wears prada.

Next we go to the opening titles, which are a lot of fun and say a lot about this episode and Kamal’s character. First the logo is on a knuckle duster. Then love heart disco balls because she’s about to fall for Kamran.

Next we see a dashboard, a nod toward her driving his car. Notice the infinity sign, a possible nod to the infinity stones, a ms marvel lightning bolt, but also, every warning sign is in red–indicating that kamran has a hidden agenda we’ll talk about in a minute.

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