Ms. Marvel: 14 Things You Missed In Episode 6

It’s the season finale of Ms. Marvel, and Kamala Khan is ready to join her peers! Iman Villani is back for the final time in the inaugural run of Ms. Marvel but it’s not the last we have seen of this delightful hero. Join Chris Goodmakers as he breaks down the finale and shares some neat easter eggs you might have missed!

Plus we talk all about that jaw dropping reveal, let’s get into it!


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Post Credits Sequence
1:55 – Mutants?
2:43 – No More Inhumans?
3:21 – Save one, Save all
4:15 – D.D.O.C VS X-Men
5:13 – Liberty’s Shield
5:28 – Car Catch
5:57 – Cover Shot
6:17 – Science Class
6:45 – Symbol
7:35 – Outfit Homages
8:09 – Shawarma
9:05 – Where to Next
9:32 – Season Retrospective

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