Ms. Marvel: 10 Things You Missed In Episode 3

We’re halfway there as Brown Jovi would say, no that’s not a typo. Ms. Marvel’s 3rd episode is out now and Kamala has some new friends who may be some new enemies as well. We learn more about the origin of the power-giving bangle and get some answers about Kamala’s great grandmother.

Join Chris Goodmakers as he discusses the twists, turns, easter eggs, and references in the latest episode of the Disney Plus series. What is Mission Creep and who are the Clan Destine? Get all your hot deets in this latest breakdown of Ms. Marvel.


0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Nega Bands
1:11 – More Universe Hopping
1:56 – The Ten Rings
3:11 – The Clandestine
4:11 – The Clan Destine
5:31 – Title Card
6:06 – Dr. Selvig
7:17 – The Good You Do
8:03 – D.O.D.C. DOES WHAT!
9:12 – Jurassic Khan
9:46 – Her Journey Continues


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